S.R. 54 year old female artist

Chief Complaint: Extremity Numbness and Scoliosis

I was referred to Louisa for chelation treatment during the removal of my mercury amalgams. What I didn’t know at that time is how much my life would be improved by this amazing healer that I had just met.

For years I had been plagued by numbness in my right hand and chronic back pain due to scoliosis. No previous practitioner had been able to relieve my symptoms. She diagnosed my malocclusion as the culprit and I am currently in the process of expanding my dental arches. My ongoing relief is significant and it gives me such peace of mind to know that my condition will continue to improve and not deteriorate as I had always feared.

My healing journey with Louisa continues to go deeper and deeper on all levels. I cannot say enough about the sense of peace and balance that I have achieved from my constitutional remedy both physically and emotionally. I would not be enjoying the vibrant health and well being I have today if it weren’t for Louisa. Thank you for giving me my life back.