Chief Complaint: Anxiety

The remedy helped me to hear the background noise of my super sensitivity. I have some space around the immediate withdrawal response/confusion that had been my experience to perceived situations of threat or demand. I feel much more in the present in a whole bodily way.

M.C. 53 year old female D.C.

Chief Complaints: Menstrual Cramps, Anxiety, Insomnia

I have worked with Dr. Louisa Williams for over 10 years starting with saving my life from mercury poisoning after being a Dental Hygienist for 16 years. I came in with a complaint of horrific menstrual pains and over all weakness. Dr. Williams was able to address the source of my problems in our initial session which began my road to recovery.

Over time, I have advanced into the supportive medicine from constitutional homeopathy having now eliminated all symptoms of: sleeplessness; sleep deprivation; chronic loss of spinal alignment; muscles aches, substantial environmental allergies; high anxiety and panic emotional patterns.

I now am mercury free; have a healthy immune system; reduced food allergies; able to exercise without injury; sleeping deeply and have greater peace.

J.C. Communications and Relationships Consultant, Equine Experiential Learning Educator

Chief Complaint: Nightmares and Food Allergies

Since seeing Dr. Williams, I have gone from feeling like a victim of my own body to feeling like a normal person again. Numerous symptoms, from extensive food intolerances to serious sleep disturbances, have become either much less significant or nonexistent.

A mother in her thirties

Chief Complaint: Bladder Infections

I wanted to let you know that my health continues to be good with no falling back into my old symptoms. I take a tab now and then [homeopathic remedy] – probably twice or three times a month which is excellent! And always with instant results. Thanks again for your wonderful help and healing.

O.P., 61 year old, NZ

Chief Complaint: Car Accident

Dr Louisa Williams is nothing short of a miracle worker. Not only did she ultimately keep my medical costs low, more importantly she helped me to fully recover from my accident. I was quite concerned about the chronic pain I was experiencing in my right arm over the summer, but under Louisa’s care, the problems seem to be resolved. What a relief to not be worried about long-term discomfort and compromise to my work. I can’t advocate her care enough to injured individuals (as well as people needing treatment for other health issues.)

L.M., 43 year old female designer

Chief Complaint: General Health Check-up

I have begun to see Dr. Williams as a proactive measure to take better care of myself. Other than annual gyn checkups, I hadn’t seen a doctor since giving birth 12 and 9 years ago. Two unexpected outcomes from starting supplements are 1) I rarely desire or “need” coffee any more. I seem more “naturally” energized, and 2) The wrinkles on my face are going away! I had so much sun damage
from my youth that I thought I may have to get Botox someday- but now I don’t think so! (Thanks to the Organic Sulfur!!!)

L.L., 48 y.o. mother and businesswoman

Chief Complaint: Extremity Numbness and Scoliosis

I was referred to Louisa for chelation treatment during the removal of my mercury amalgams. What I didn’t know at that time is how much my life would be improved by this amazing healer that I had just met.

For years I had been plagued by numbness in my right hand and chronic back pain due to scoliosis. No previous practitioner had been able to relieve my symptoms. She diagnosed my malocclusion as the culprit and I am currently in the process of expanding my dental arches. My ongoing relief is significant and it gives me such peace of mind to know that my condition will continue to improve and not deteriorate as I had always feared.

My healing journey with Louisa continues to go deeper and deeper on all levels. I cannot say enough about the sense of peace and balance that I have achieved from my constitutional remedy both physically and emotionally. I would not be enjoying the vibrant health and well being I have today if it weren’t for Louisa. Thank you for giving me my life back.

S.R. 54 year old female artist

Chief Complaint: Musculoskeletal Pain After Exercise

I can’t believe how amazing the Organic Sulfur is..Even after hiking the Grand Canyon I didn’t get sore! And it has helped my digestion too.

E.L., 53 year old L.A. Photographer/Artist

Chief Complaint: Fatigue

I don’t know how it works, but Dr Williams’ homeopathy has produced a result I’ve been seeking for years. I was always tired, and had had reached a point where even exercise – which had always worked in the past to both reduce stress and rejuvenate my energy – was leaving me with headaches and prolonged exhaustion. After taking her remedy for just 2 weeks, I was able to resume exercise. After an adjusted remedy (she wasn’t satisfied with 75% recovery), I am feeling better than I ever have in my entire life. If exposed to colds and flu’s, I fight them off without getting sick. At 65, I am enjoying consistent energy and a tough exercise regime that’s building strength and stamina as well as flexibility. Thank you, Louisa Williams.

S.M., Business Anthropologist