S.J., Actress, Los Angeles

Chief Complaint: Anxiety and Depression

Louisa Williams is a Godsend. For years I struggled with anxiety and self-hatred. Psychotherapy was monumental in the soothing it provided. Meditation, self-acceptance have all helped too, and then eventually anti-depressants allowed me to experience a huge sigh of relief by offering me a respite from an old habitual pattern. However, I am now no longer on anti-depressants, and it is through my work with Louisa that I presently have options. Through the journey I have taken with her and the use of homeopathy and herbs I have been restored to my true self. Her skill and knowledge with homeopathy and holistic healing, her loving way. and what can only be described as a true gift to see and hear what’s really going on, have released my true nature. I am back in balance, harmony, and I am experiencing freedom. I no longer feel locked or trapped inside my own body and mind. Self-acceptance, joy, and lightness are now all accessible. I feel healthy, light and fluid.