I truly feel like a new and better person on my constitutional homeopathic remedy. So much more laid back! I had friends over for brunch yesterday and totally enjoyed the experience. (It would have been overly taxing before.) My husband remarked the other day that the change in me is profound. Boatloads of love and gratitude.

NM Patient With Anxiety

I am really improving—something must be very different in me for my creative work to be coming back to me! I do feel far healthier on my constitutional homeopathic remedy. You really have saved me/my life. I am very grateful and amazed. I didn’t think I was going to make it…Thank you so much.

CA Patient With Chronic Fatigue

Chief Complaint: Anxiety and Depression

Louisa Williams is a Godsend. For years I struggled with anxiety and self-hatred. Psychotherapy was monumental in the soothing it provided. Meditation, self-acceptance have all helped too, and then eventually anti-depressants allowed me to experience a huge sigh of relief by offering me a respite from an old habitual pattern. However, I am now no longer on anti-depressants, and it is through my work with Louisa that I presently have options. Through the journey I have taken with her and the use of homeopathy and herbs I have been restored to my true self. Her skill and knowledge with homeopathy and holistic healing, her loving way. and what can only be described as a true gift to see and hear what’s really going on, have released my true nature. I am back in balance, harmony, and I am experiencing freedom. I no longer feel locked or trapped inside my own body and mind. Self-acceptance, joy, and lightness are now all accessible. I feel healthy, light and fluid.

S.J., Actress, Los Angeles

Chief Complaint: Allergies and Sinus Congestion

Dr. Williams made a real difference in what I have been dealing with around my health and well-being. The remedy she gave me has positively impacted the congestion and sinus issues that I have been putting up with for years. I am now aware of the things in life I should avoid in order to live a healthier lifestyle, and also prepared for the instances and occasions when I do have symptoms show up. I can now deal with them confidently and powerfully, and I have never felt healthier.

W.D., 33 year old high-tech professional

Chief Complaint: Severe Food Allergies and Back Pain

I’m doing really well – I can eat a wide range of foods and I don’t get sick! I’ve been adding in dairy, wheat and eggs – whereas before I wasn’t able to eat dairy for 20 years, and eggs or wheat for the past 10 years, without stomachaches, congestion, asthma, and other symptoms. I feel more in control and not so vulnerable anymore. My back is better too – I used to do acupuncture every week but have not had to go at all since being on the remedy. Some things are so good now that I don’t even think about them anymore!

M.A., 33 year old mother/entepreneur

Chief Complaints: Abdominal Pain and Bronchitis

For 10 years I experienced what some called ‘stress’ related digestive ailments and chronic bronchitis. Traditional medicine only created more questions and other alternative options – Chinese medicine and acupuncture – provided some relief but no cure. I have now been under treatment by Dr. Williams for almost 2 years and all physical ailments have disappeared – no digestive issues, no bronchitis – and my stress levels have significantly reduced. It may sound like exaggeration to say what she does is magic…but it is.

AR, 43 years old, partner and creative director of a design company in Los Angeles

Chief Complaint: Insomnia and Anxiety

I’m actually sleeping – hooray! My mood is better and I feel really good – those feelings of being stuck and being in this black hole – I can’t even pull up those feelings anymore! The nightmares are gone. I have had the feeling my whole life of being trapped and caged and it’s completely gone – I can’t even recall the feeling. What an amazing system this is…

B.S. 32 year old female psychologist, Seattle

Chief Complaint: Intermittent Fatigue

I have been a patient of Dr. Williams’ since 1998. In that time, she has helped me to clean up my gut, improve my mood and clarity, clear many dental and scar foci, and make it through physical and emotional challenges with ease. Her ability to diagnose and treat is unequalled in specificity and efficiency. With a broad range of treatment approaches, she can easily address real underlying issues with an appropriate response. I feel sorry for anyone who does not have somebody like Dr. Williams caring for them!

L.M, 43 year-old female, Designer

Chief Complaints: Exhaustion, Anxiety, Skin Rashes, & Sinus Congestion

It is a great sign I can’t even remember my complaints – no symptoms at all now! I love this stuff (the homeopathic remedy)! I have never felt better than I have this Fall and Winter. I can’t imagine not having found you. I’ve been playing sports with college kids – easily keeping up and running full on for 1 and 1/2 hours.

P.E., 45 year old female Photographer

Chief Complaint: Excessive Alcohol Use

For the first time in many years I have no craving for alcohol after taking my homeopathic remedy!! This is a dramatic change for me, since in the past I have tended to drink if not daily, always to excess. What would start with one glass of wine would usually end up being the whole bottle. The next day I would wake up not only feeling hung over but also disappointed in myself for my lack of control. It was a serious bad habit and worried me. Gradually, after a week of taking my remedy I noticed I hadn’t had a drink for a few days and had no desire for one. Now, months later, I have the odd glass of wine but am quite content with just that one, which is simply amazing to me. I’m healthier and happier for sure – and so grateful for this remedy!

WJ, 61 year old Phoenix Manufacturers’ Representative