Travel Tips

Guidelines for Flying with Homeopathic and PSC Remedies, and Nutritional Supplements

PLANE TRIPS: Although the ionizing radiation from a couple of plane trips usually doesn’t significantly damage your homeopathic and plant stem cell herbal remedies, it could slightly reduce their effectiveness. However, many plane trips can definitely reduce their potency and effectiveness (especially very long trips where you and your remedy also receive “cosmic radiation”).** In fact, excessive radiation exposure can cause such oxidative stress and alteration to a remedy that it can render it as actually harmful to the body. And although nutritional supplements are less vulnerable, they should also be protected.

BEST RULE TO GO BY: Always try to keep your original bottles (whether they contain liquid or pellets) completely clear and pristine at home in a cupboard. Then before your trip pour out a little liquid (e.g., ¼ a bottle) or a few pellets (e.g., 4 to 6) into a “travel” bottle. (Just ask us for extra empty bottles and labels. We have tiny bottles to put a few pellets in ((although it wouldn’t be terrible to put the pellets in a plastic baggie for a short trip, but, of course, glass is always best)), as well as 1 to 2 ounce bottles to put liquid remedies in.)

Things to do when you fly – 2 choices:

  1. Ask the security person to hand check your remedies. This is a bit risky though because s/he may refuse and demand that they go through the x-ray machine. (By the way, it does no good anymore to hide a bottle on your body because a few years ago they strengthened the metal detector that you walk through so much that now it can also disturb your remedy.) If they turn you down you could quickly wrap the remedies up in aluminum foil (see below) and send them through the x-ray machine, but they may think this looks suspicious! (And the plexiglass scanner where they suddenly blow air at you if you are ((purposely or randomly)) selected is horrible! If you ever get chosen to go into this scanner, assume a strong defensive “kung fu-type” stance and when that blast of air comes at you exhale forcibly to neutralize this shocking and loud “blast” to your nervous system. This scanner will also definitely antidote your homeopathic remedy, so be sure and remember to redose it once – or even twice – afterwards.)
  2. Wrap them up in your suitcase. Alternatively, you can wrap up your “travel” bottles in 3 to 4 layers of aluminum foil and pack them in your suitcase. (By the way, even if you check your suitcase the present policy is to x-ray all checked bags too.) A few layers of aluminum foil can greatly reduce the x-ray radiation to the remedy. (But not so much that it will show up on the x-ray screen, so don’t worry about that looking suspicious.)

After you have flown with your “travel” bottle about 5 to 6 times, pour out (liquid or pellets) this slightly disturbed remedy, wash the bottle (dishwasher sterilization would be good, or boiling it in hot water), and then pour in a fresh amount of liquid remedy from your clean and pristine home stash – or put some new pellets in there – making this your new “travel” bottle for another 5 to 6 trips.

Plant Stem Cell (PSC) Herbal Remedies from Italy:

Although herbal remedies aren’t as fragile as homeopathics, the energy of these very young organic and vibrant herbal remedies can also be disturbed over time after many plane trips.

  1. Short Trips – 2 to 5 days. Although it is best to keep these remedies separate from each other until the day you take them, it is OK to mix them together for a short trip. That way you can keep the original bottles at home in a cupboard, and make one (1 to 2 ounce glass bottle) “travel” mixture. Simply drop the drops of each PSC remedy you need to take in the empty “travel” bottle, add some clean water, and during your trip take a dropperful 3 times a day. I know – this is not a perfect dosage amount but this general way of taking them is good for almost everyone – especially if you have been taking the PSC’s for a while. (If you are new to them however, or are very sensitive, then talk to me about figuring out a dilution and dosage that is more specific.) Again, wrap your PSC “travel” mixture up in 3 to 4 thicknesses of aluminum foil.
  2. Longer Trips In this case you may just want to take the original bottles with you. Be sure though and wrap each one up in 3 to 4 layers of aluminum foil.

Nutritional Supplements:

Finally, it is also a good idea to protect your nutritional supplements too. Count out only what you need on your trip and put these in a baggie and label them. Then wrap 3 to 4 layers of aluminum foil around these baggies.

** Just traveling by plane increases your “cosmic radiation” exposure – to both yourself and your remedies. You can read more information on cosmic radiation and air travel by clicking here.

Exposure during flying: As a rule, cosmic radiation levels rise with increasing altitude (up to about 20 km above ground). The actual radiation level is influenced by a number of factors, most importantly through the shielding provided by the earth’s atmosphere. The overall effect for flight crew and travelers is an increased radiation exposure during flights as compared to staying on the ground.