Explanation of Fees

The Cost for Your Lifetime Constitutional Remedy

In the “old days” patients would often receive several – or even many – constitutional remedies over time from homeopaths. However, with the new Sensation Method, we now have the ability (with rare exceptions) to ascertain your one remedy for your whole lifetime. Thus, your constitutional remedy – for your entire life and fitting your particular constitution – can now be determined using this excellent new interview method and analysis.

So the question for me was, how much to charge for a remedy someone will be taking off and on for his/her entire life? Especially when one considers that this very curative remedy can prevent tens of thousands of dollars in future surgery, reduce prescription medications as well as excessive nutritional supplementation, and bestow a significantly better quality of life.

Based on the years of study involved, the financial output going to – and still attending – ongoing continuing educational seminars in homeopathy from the “Bombay (Mumbai) group” of physicians who developed this System, and the fact that many of my colleagues charge from $800 to $2000, I decided on the sum of $650 for the initial 2 hour interview. After this, later follow up appointments, no matter how long they last (30 minutes to hours), are only $100 each. These subsequent follow up visits are usually scheduled every 6 weeks to 2 months until we are absolutely sure the remedy is correct.

It’s important to point out however, that finding the correct remedy on the first visit sometimes does not occur. Hopefully though, within the next few follow-ups the remedy will become clear. All I can promise is that I will always do my best and continue to keep learning this fantastic new method.


Louisa Williams