Emergency Dosing

Feeling Poorly?

Whenever you feel like you are getting sick (cold, flu, headache, etc.), experience a significant trauma(injury, emotional shock, etc.), or feel like you are going through a strong healing crisis, you should quickly begin to take a diluted dose of your constitutional homeopathic remedy from 3 to 6 or more times per day until you feel better. This advice is only for those who are sure they are on the correct remedy, as we have determined by repeated follow-ups according to the Sankaran System.

If you do not experience relief after the first 2 to 3 doses then contact our office. It could be that you are “bumping up against” a major focus that is emerging(or re-emerging), and that you need to come in for a specific treatment (typically neural therapy with the soft laser and isopathic drops or auriculotherapy). Below are the directions.


Do this procedure when you feel like you are getting sick (cold, flu, headache, healing crisis, etc.), are really stressed out, or you have experienced a significant shock (car accident, divorce, grief, etc.). Use the higher potency, e.g., 1M, for major emergencies and strong symptoms, and the lower dosage, e.g., 30C, for mild to moderate emergencies/symptoms.

Put 1 to 2 pellets (or 2 to 3 drops if you have a liquid dose – success the bottle first) of your remedy(1M or 30C – your choice) in a tall glass of clean filtered water and stir 10 times (wooden or plastic spoon best). Then take a ~ 1/2 tsp dosage. Put a napkin over the glass (so dust doesn’t get in) and then take frequent doses from this glass during the day, and even the next few days (it should last for about 2 to 3 days – refrigerating it can help too). If you have a major issue up you can take a dose every 15 minutes for the first 1 to 2 hours, and then wait a while and see if you need more doses later in the day. If you just have a mild to moderate issue up, then simply taking a dose 4 to 6 times a day for 1 to 2 days is usually sufficient.

This is a gentle way of receiving the remedy and allows you to dose yourself more often without it feeling like “too much.” After you have taken enough doses you usually won’t be attracted to taking it anymore. At that point trust your intuition and stop and see if you feel better for the next few days(you may need to take 1 more dose a day though, just to keep clearing the emerging issue). Always call/email/fax me however if you have questions, and especially if you are not feeling better with this protocol (can often mean a “focus” – Chapter IV – is up and you need to come in).

Dr. Louisa Williams, ND