About Us

Radical-Medicine-book-coverNaturopathic Medicine is the name of Dr. Louisa Williams’ holistic clinic located in Austin, Texas. Dr. Williams strives to practice what she preaches in her new book, Radical Medicine: Profound Intervention in a Profoundly Toxic Age (www.radicalmedicine.com). In this book, and in her practice, she teaches that although organic food, exercise and clean filtered water are all essential, that alone, they can no longer guarantee optimal health. That is, these general holistic health guidelines are simply not curative enough to reverse ongoing symptoms or chronic illness anymore, nor can they guarantee freedom from future degenerative disease. With a history of toxic mercury amalgam fillings, the long-term use of petrochemical-laden cosmetics and personal care products, damaging childhood vaccinations and excessive use of antibiotics and other prescription drugs “most individuals” immune systems are simply too impaired to self-heal without significant intervention.

At Austin Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Williams specializes in diagnosing the need for mercury amalgam removal and heavy metal detoxification, as well as dental focal infections and malocclusions, and makes appropriate referrals to biological (holistic) dentists (a list of these dentists and the most non-toxic dental material alternatives are available below). She also counsels patients on replacing their soaps, shampoos and cosmetics with non-toxic alternatives (her “Best Bets” list is also included below). Further, she specializes in the “Sankaran System” of determining the constitutional homeopathic remedy — a revolutionary new method from India that can accurately determine, and then over time, clear the plant, animal or mineral chronic “distortion pattern” that has been insidiously undermining one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Other “obstacles to cure” taken into consideration include the diagnosis and treatment of chronic tonsil focal infections and scar interference fields, intestinal dysbiosis (toxic gut) and major food allergies. Dr. Williams additionally specializes in neural therapy from Germany, auriculotherapy from France, drainage through gemmotherapy herbs (“plant stem cells”) from Belgium, nutritional supplementation (vitamins, minerals, probiotics and anti-oxidants), the use of isopathic remedies and cell salts, dietary counseling according to Dr. Weston Price’s research findings, and craniosacral and spinal manipulation.