Austin Naturopathic Medicine is Louisa Williams’s holistic clinic located in Austin, Texas. Dr. Williams strives to practice what she preaches in her book, Radical Medicine: Profound Intervention in a Profoundly Toxic Age (www.radicalmedicine.com).


In this book, and in her practice, she teaches that although organic food, exercise, clean filtered water, and other health measures are all essential, that alone, they can no longer guarantee optimal health. That is, these general holistic health guidelines are simply not curative enough to reverse ongoing symptoms or chronic illness anymore-nor can they guarantee freedom from future degenerative disease.

With a history of toxic mercury amalgam fillings, the long-term use of petrochemical-laden cosmetics and personal care products, DNA-damaging childhood vaccinations, and the overuse and misuse of antibiotics and other prescription drugs, most individuals’ immune systems are simply too impaired to self-repair and heal without significantly effective intervention.  More…

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Louisa touches on some lesser known “obstacles to cure” and gives practical ideas for finding the best dental and overall health care to achieve the optimal and vibrant health that is our most important birthright.
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I truly feel like a new and better person on my constitutional homeopathic remedy. So much more laid back! I had friends over for brunch yesterday and totally enjoyed the experience. (It would have been overly taxing before.) My husband remarked the other day that the change in me is profound. Boatloads of love and gratitude.

NM Patient With Anxiety

I am really improving—something must be very different in me for my creative work to be coming back to me! I do feel far healthier on my constitutional homeopathic remedy. You really have saved me/my life. I am very grateful and amazed. I didn’t think I was going to make it…Thank you so much.

CA Patient With Chronic Fatigue