IABDM Conference 2018

The annual IABDM conference will be held in Scottsdale, AZ, from October 11-13.

I will be speaking on Thursday, October 11th. This 1-day event will be an introduction to MRT and is open to all participants, whether you are attending the dental course or not—but please try to attend this informative and fun biological dental course as well!


Matrix Reflex Testing (MRT) Intro Workshop

Dr. Louisa L. Williams     October 11, 2018


In this one-day introductory workshop participants will learn:


1.  How the fascial-matrix connective tissue in our bodies can contract (similar to kinesiology) in response to challenges to help fine-tune our diagnosis and treatment on patients.

2.  How to use the Reflex Arm Length (RAL) measurement as an easy and reliable energetic testing tool.

3.  How the RAL can determine the most optimal nutritional supplements (which vitamin C tests best?) and foods (which brand of coconut oil should I buy?), as well as identify primary food allergies, dental toxins (heavy metals, galvanism, focal infections), and significant malocclusions.

4.  This introductory workshop will include lectures, demonstrations, and workshop practice periods.

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