The Castor Oil Pack

Mentioning “castor oil” usually conjures up memories, or at least images, of a very unpleasant home remedy once used to aggressively purge the intestines. However, external use of high quality and properly processed castor oil had been used in traditional cultures for centuries to treat numerous ailments.  So revered was the oil of the castor bean in medieval Europe that it was referred to as the “Palma Christi.”


More recently (in the last 60-70 years) the use of high quality castor oil used as an external pack over the area of the liver and gall bladder has proven to be one of the most effective adjunctive therapies in a liver and gall bladder cleanse program, thanks largely to Edgar Cayce.  Personally, I would never embark on a cleansing regime without the packs.


The packs warm the liver and gall bladder and help to melt the congealed bile and other congested wastes. This old material can then begin to flow and flush out. I like the image of a frozen river melting and flowing with the return of warm weather in the spring.


How to do a Castor Oil Pack

Use a wool flannel cloth (wash it first) 12” x 27” folded several times to a size of about 6” x 8” then placed inside a glass baking dish of about the same size. With the pack in the baking dish, pour cold-pressed, high quality Castor Oil on each layer of cloth so that it is saturated thoroughly without dripping.

Put old towels on bed to protect linens from oil. Lie on bed and apply the castor oil pack directly on the skin so that it just covers the right lower abdomen. This area should extend from just under the right breast or nipple to the bottom of the rib cage and horizontally from the midline of the belly extending to the right side.  Apply a heating pad or hot water bottle over the pack. The heat is very important. Then place a towel over all of this so that the heat is kept in and around the abdomen as much as possible.


Keep pack on every afternoon or evening for an hour. I do it right before going to sleep. Apply for seven consecutive days, one hour each day, same hour each day if possible. Add a little castor oil to the flannel before each daily pack. Between applications, store pack in a cool location in the glass dish. Wash every 7 days, but do not wash pack with anything else or you will impart a castor oil smell to those items.


Thanks to Richard Forish for this nice description of how to do a Castor Oil Pack!


Quick Method

Often when castor oil packs are indicated we are not feeling that great. Therefore I would suggest the following easier and quicker method of applying this pack:


Wool flannel cloth and Castor oil (Whole Foods or other health food stores)

Apply a thick layer of castor oil over the organ needing attention.

Then lay the wool flannel on top.


Cover with a towel and then cover this with a heating pad, hot water bottle, or warm cat or 2! (I don’t always apply heat – sometimes just a blanket over the pack can provide enough warmth.)


Keep this on for an hour or more while you are watching a good movie or resting. Suggested dosage is 1 time daily, or every other day, for a week or so, or longer if it is obviously benefitting you.