Scar Interference Protocol

This “Neural Therapy Without Needles” massage protocol performed in the privacy of your own home can mitigate from 70 to 100% of the (often silent and insidious) nerve and tissue irritation generated from a scar. However, if there is any remaining disturbance not cleared by this peripheral nerve treatment of the autonomic nerves (analogous to the “private” soldiers in the body’s army of defenses), these lingering areas can be treated through Auriculotherapy (ear therapy) from France during your next appointment. This treatment to the ear – and effectively the brain – is analogous to communicating with the army’s “general,” or central nervous system. Thus, it can most effectively fully remove any remaining scar engrams (embedded habitual memories in the brain’s cortex), if the home neural therapy treatment was not quite effective enough for a particular tenacious and disturbing scar.

Please be sure to treat any “psychogalvanic” areas – that is, scars with any associated emotional history such as an episiotomy scar (hours and hours of painful labor) or even the umbilicus (subconscious trauma from your own birth history) – with more awareness and intention as you massage. As the weeks go by you will notice that any sore areas or emotional associations with these scars will greatly reduce, or even completely disappear altogether.

Results can vary from no discernible change in symptoms, to various health benefits including less fatigue and pain in the body, reduced urinary frequency and urging, better digestion, and more restful sleep. Again, although the results from this scar interference field home massage technique are most often subtle, it is worth doing simply for enjoying the reduced irritability and overall sense of well-being that the majority of patients most typically report.  Further, this protocol removes significant scar "obstacles to cure," which can block healing and detoxification and hinder one's treatment progress.

Since all the scars on our body are resonating together in our sheet of skin, it is important to remember and include all scars in your treatment. Sometimes a forgotten scar will start itching, inflame a bit, or just come to some of my patients’ consciousness after a week or 2 if it is excluded from this protocol! Therefore, try to remember all your scars including your first scar – the belly button or umbilicus, surgical scars (appendectomies, hysterectomies, hernia repair, stitches for cuts and tears, orthopedic surgeries – even the small arthroscopic incision scars, etc.), and non-surgical scars (cuts or tears without stitches, some acne or stretch-mark scars, some major bruises or head trauma areas, etc.).

Caution 1: Although this scar protocol is relatively mild and rarely causes any healing reactions, chronically ill patients should check with their holistic doctor or practitioner before attempting this home treatment.

Caution 2: Scar formation is an intrinsic and necessary response to healing cuts and injuries, and should not be interrupted. Therefore, this massage protocol is only for old,chronic scars – not recent acute scars. (Although dropping the Notatum 4X or Kombination 4X drops on and very gently spreading them over acute scars post-surgery or post-injury can be very helpful in promoting more efficient healing.)

Sources for Products:

Notatum 4X and Kombination 4X drops are available to doctors and practitioners from BioResource, These immunobiological drops from Germany are diluted but not succussed; therefore they are not homeopathic and will not antidote in any way constitutional homeopathic remedies. The Pure Organic Shea Butter (best shea butter I’ve ever tested) is available from Both products are also in stock at our office; just email us to order them at

** A number of women in relationships have told me that this shea butter, when inserted vaginally, is excellent at reducing pain with intercourse and vaginal dryness.


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Step 1: First massage in Notatum 4X (anti-inflammatory) or Kombination 4X (soft-tissue healing and blood circulation) drops into all your scars.

Step 2: Then rub in Pure Organic Shea Butter into all your scars. **

Do this 2-step massage treatment for 3 to 4 weeks, 1 to 2 times a day. This therapy is best done after a shower or bath (warm soft skin absorbs drops more readily), and/or before bed. Please “X” on the chart below where your scars are, and post on your bathroom wall to jog your memory.

Note: For tonsillectomy scars, first drop 2 drops of Notatum 4X (more common than Kombination 4X) in the back of your throat where the tonsillectomy scars lie (try to keep the tip sterile – i.e., don’t touch it to the gums or teeth), then rub the Shea Butter into either side of your upper external throat area, just below the jawline, where the tonsils and lymph nodes usually swell.  For dental extraction scars just drop the drops on those sites.